Water Heater Services

IMC offers replacement and repairs for all types of water heaters in the metro
Atlanta area and surrounding cites. Our prices quoted are all inclusive with no
hidden costs after the job has started, like what sometimes happens with the "big
box retail stores." We install new thermal expansion tanks, easy shut off ball valves
and new gas piping up to code with every water heater replacement, as well as
handle all flue modifications and removal and disposal of the old units. We offer
Bradford White water heaters but we will install any brand upon your request.
Factors That Influence Water Heater Costs

Does your water heater need to be replaced? Answering the following questions will
give our trained technicians the information they need when you call IMC for your
water heater service.

    Is the Water Heater Leaking?

    Is the tank producing hot water?

    How old is your Water Heater?

    Where is your Water Heater located?

    What is the size of the space?

    Is the Water Heater difficult to access, or is it in an open area?

    What is the size of your current Water Heater?

    What is the height and width?

    Is your Water Heater gas or electric?

    Do you currently have an expansion tank?

    What type of tank warranty would you like, 6,9, or 12 years?

Your cost depends on the type of installation and that's unique to each individual
project. This depends on what type of unit you currently have, what you are replacing
it with, length of warranty and what has to change to bring the installation up to
current code. With IMC, your Water Heater will be installed by a licensed, qualified
individual who’s going to install the Water Heater correctly, use rigid copper and no
quick connect fittings, make sure all the safety features are in place and that it’s
installed to the current local plumbing code.

Water Heater Special!

Finance Your New Water Heater From
As Low As $25 Per Month!

*Subject to Credit Approval.
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*Water Heater must be located in a very accessible location such as a street
level garage, no stairs and no obstacles blocking the Water Heater. This price
includes a new expansion tank, temperature and pressure relief valve, heat
traps, new piping at the water heater and flue vent piping (gas only). Tank has
a 6 year limited warranty. Confined spaces, requiring an extra technician
because of location, troubleshooting electrical wiring problems, running new
drains, new water heater pans and other modifications required by code will
result in additional charges.
$1095* For A 40 Or 50 Gallon Gas
Or Electric Water Heater With
Expansion Tank!
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